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Top 10 Best Chocolates in the World

When we think about comfort foods, chocolates might come first on the list. It cures our sugar craving, it allows for slow munching, takes care of our odd time food hunting and over all acts as a refresher to our snacking.

All that with adding very little to no calories and sugar as the item itself is so small in portion that it only takes care of our taste, not our stomach. To be fair on the chocolates, it is healthy when takes in small amounts and especially if it is dark chocolate.

We aren’t going to talk here about the health benefits though, because our target here is to fulfill your taste and nothing else. We have covered some of the best chocolates in the world in this list and all these tasty chocolates are easily available in most UK stores which can be easily bought into your own country by using a UK forwarding service.

List of Top 10 Chocolates in the World:

  1. Teuscher – This is a major Swiss choco brand which has several decades’ worth of experience in making chocolates. The concept is simple, make chocolates from naturally occurring stuff and no artificial and manmade substance will be added. After all cocoa is the main thing here and perhaps added with nuts and some fruits at the maximum?
  2. Amedei – If you want to eat some good chocolates and you are ready to sell an arm or leg for it – then this brand can help you get some amazing chocolates. Make no mistake, this is not your average everyday chocolates, they are heavily expensive. The range of chocolates here are expensive, so they make it to the shops and places where money does not really matters.
  3. Valrhona – This brand has a great range of chocolates, whether they are for regular selves on a shop or built for specific occasions – the variety is just too huge. There’s chocolate bars, fruit filled, specific nuts, alcoholic, refined candies – just name it and you will find something that matches your desires.
  4. Shari’s Berries – Having fruits or nuts in a chocolate is a common thing – we can find some in our local stores easily. This fruit dipped chocolate idea has been amazingly implemented by Shari’s in a way that no other company has ever tried. Their main range is the strawberries and the best way to try it is to order it on a special day – be it father’s day or mother’s day – and make the day special with a unique chocolate gift.
  5. Richart – Let us try some French chocolates. This brand has perhaps won the most French chocolate awards till date and has been improving their designs and colors by every passing moment. When you order a chocolate box for a special occasion – the taste will matter, but the looks and the feel will make a big difference. It is always about how it looks, as we see it first – and taste it after that.
  6. Lindt – We are talking about a company here that is more than a century old – it has the experience in chocolate making that covers several generations. Truffles are the main item in which this company has the best experience. They have a custom mix option as well, where you get to choose the container, flavors and other stuff – which makes your chocolate experience, totally.
  7. GoDiva – This is another of those companies in the list that has almost a century of chocolate making experience. They make all varieties of chocolates which includes the truffles, the fresh fruit covered chocolates etc. But this brand isn’t expensive – so if you want to eat great chocolate without taking a bank loan, this one just might be the right one for you.
  8. Cadbury – Talking about chocolates that tastes good and is affordable, this brand will be on top of that list. The popular variety of this brand is known as the dairy milk ones. Based on some international studies it is found out that Cadbury is the most wanted chocolate bar in the world.
  9. Guylian – Belgium is possibly one of those countries that has just too many excellent chocolate brands that it becomes almost impossible to keep it off the list for too long. Another Belgium brand, Guylian – has been serving the chocolate industry for the past 50 years. Their Sea Shell design of chocolate is a unique thing together with their in-house recipe which is almost 50 years old now.
  10. Wickedly Welsh – It is a small family run chocolate business who excells in making creative and crafty chocolates. They are very careful of what they use to make their chocolates so inspiring and thus only use ingredients that are available in their local area. Their chocolate gift packs are very popular and there are enough options to choose from.

When it comes to chocolates, no matter how many we mention – you will run out of it sooner or later. One just can’t have enough chocolates.

The mentioned items are handpicked for their style, craftsmanship, their unique way of making and their taste. We will come up with more pretty soon as the list is surely endless.

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