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One day a young Rat decided to get food by own before his dad gets it for them. Soon he came out of hole, he saw a big cheese ball on the floor. He was happy by it and thought he would surprise his family and be praised by his father if he gets it to home.

He wanted to roll the cheese to the rat hole, but as it is big, he couldn’t move it. He saw some Ants nearby and asked their help to roll the cheese. For that ants have asked some amount of cheese to be given and rat agreed. Ants have taken amount of cheese, soon the cheese ball started rolling with help of ants and reached the rat hole. As the cheese ball is big it could not fit rat hole. Ants suggested the Rat to take help of nearby cockroaches as they could not do. Rat asked cockroaches for help. Cockroaches demanded whatever cheese it comes to reduce the size. Rat agreed and cheese ball was reduced. Now cheese ball rolled into the hole without any problem

Rat called out his family, showed the cheese ball. Everyone was surprised and felt happy. His father congratulated him and asked how he achieved this. Rat told what all happened.

Then father said “Dear son, I’m glad that you have brought food by your own today and I praise you. But let me advise something. There are always two things to get work done. One is hard way and other is smart way”

“Here, you would have made the cheese into small pieces by yourself, our teeth are our strength. You would have got the whole cheese to home. This would have avoided getting Ants and Cockroaches into picture and losing half of cheese to them.”

“But don’t worry my Son, you would learn as days go by” “Now go get the cheese and let’s eat!!”

As days went Rat has learned so many things from his father and always followed and respected the elderly advise. Rat has become successful in his life.

Take way from story: Always respect parents and elderly advise to become successful.

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