One Peculiar Burial 5/5 (3)

One Peculiar Burial

By Arviat

March 2021

A priest led a mass for the lifeless bodies laying inside their caskets at center of the grieving crowd. Moments after the mass, I heard the wails of a possessed girl. It started with a commotion as she drops dead and starts to combust. Hands firm onto her limbs and back as she was carried to the other side of the house. She whimpered and wailed, and then proceeds to shouts. I turned and turned trying to navigate the priest but the priest was long gone after the mass.

An open forum was initiated. People are telling tales about the sleeping bodies in front. While this happens, the wailing continues. It was then the kids’ turn to speak their minds. The second child said a brief thanks for the people who helped and is still grieving with them. The youngest, their princess, bid her goodbye with thankfulness for the love and care, and a made promise to persevere with her education. The shouting stopped but as the princess finished talking, another girl was carried away. Just like the first one, she was wailing but this time the spirit was stronger and angrier. Her shouts are louder and people were panicking. Despite the possessions, people kept on rapping their piece.

At this moment, the shrieks and cries of the second girl was still playing. My grandmother went to me and asked me to go home with her. It quiets down as I leave but as soon as I reached the gate, a loud roar vibrated thru the house. And it continued as I, together with my companions, leave the premises.

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