Learning 5/5 (5)


By Arviat

The world at this very moment is in the midst of chaos. Our lives is disrupted by the pandemic, affecting not only our financial and economic situations but also our education. We no longer have the privilege of learning face to face but rather we rely only on digital platform or printed materials. Teaching is not only about imparting knowledge to the learners but as well as discipline and good morals. But how do we effectively teach and learn if our only communication is through the screens of our phones and laptops. In some cases, other lower graders doesn’t even know the face of their teachers for they only have modules in which they have to learn by themselves.

I learned about the different types of learning for different types of brain. But relating it to the country’s current events, I realized that the teachers are burdened as much as we, learners are due to our  predicament in learning set-ups. The teachers may or may not be able to influence the students effectively but I learned that  in order for a teaching-learning to work, it needs the corresponding passion of the learner to learn.

“Every child is a potential genius.” This quote made me believe that no matter the what challenges we’re facing, a sincere and true learner would find ways in order to learn or grasp the topics. It surely is a shame that everyone is confined in their homes but learning is learning. May it be that you are already done with school but life goes on and with that, we never really stop learning.

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