Short Story – Who is good for this job? 5/5 (1)

Long ago, a King who was ruling southern apart of India had to choose an able Minister for his Kingdom. He had two names in his mind, one is Sankaran and the other is Vishwan. King knew that Sankaran is better, however wished to test their ability. So, one day he called both and handed over a closed envelope to each and said to give it to the king of northern kingdom. Sankaran and Vishwan took those letters and went to northern kingdom. Both had handed over the letters to the neighboring King. Then he opened the letters and he was astonished to see that letters said “Kill the one who brought the letter”. So, taking that into consideration, they were ordered to be hanged by tomorrow morning. That night Vishwan was sleepless and feared but Sankaran had happily slept.

Next day morning when they are about to be hanged, Sankaran came forward and said, “hang me first”. When King asked why he was eager to die?

Then Sankaran replied “Your highness, in my kingdom it is believed that if someone dies in their neighboring kingdom by order of King then those would become the Kings of that place in next birth. So my King wanted it that he can conquer the northern kingdom by sending his own people to die for coming generations to rule.”

After hearing this, the north King has ordered to stop the hanging and sent Sankaran and Vishwan back to south kingdom.

After reaching back to the king, Vishwan asked “oh king, why were you thinking to kill us ? what bad did we do?”

Then the King replied “Vishwan, I didn’t want to kill you, I was testing you both for ministry”

“I was checking who can come as winner in this test and I see Sankaran as winner”

“he not only saved his life, but also yours”.

After listening this everybody in the king’s court arose to applause and congratulated Sankaran. King named Sankaran as Minister of his kingdom.

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