Short Story – Foolish Donkey 3/5 (1)

A salt seller lives in a small town. Every day he went to town to buy salt. His donkey accompanied him. The seller loaded the sacks of salt onto the donkey and they returned to the village along the river. But the donkey didn’t like carrying so many bags on his back because he was lazy. Donkey often finds a way to get rid of work. One day a salt trader loaded a bag of salt and set out for the city. On the way, the donkey accidentally slipped into the river. The salt dissolved in the water and when the donkey was pulled out of the river it felt lighter. The salt seller had to go back to town to buy more salt. The donkey thought this is a good idea to get rid of the load. The next day, the donkey intentionally slips into the river. When they pulled it out, it felt lighter. The salt merchant understands the tricks of the donkey. He knew that donkeys fall into water on purpose. So, one day the salt merchant filled the bag with cotton instead of salt. Then the donkey thought the bags were lighter than the previous days, but the donkey wanted to reduce the weight more. Then the donkey fell back into the river. But when he was pulled out, the load on his back felt much heavier. As the bags are with cotton, when it fell into the water the bags became heavier. The donkey had to lift the heaviest load. His faults were understood, and he realized that the same would not apply to all situations. Donkey had learned its lesson.


Take away from the story: You can fool a person a few times, but not always. Those who are too intelligent sometimes push themselves further and become trapped at their own risk.

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