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A Merchant and his Son had a Donkey who was very old and couldn’t work any longer.

They chose to take the Donkey to the town market and sell him.

The following day, they took the Donkey and began to walk towards the market.

As they were going by, somebody from the town said looking at them, “Look at them. They have a Donkey and still, they are walking. What is the benefit of such a Donkey?”.

On hearing this, the Miller asked his Son to sit on the Donkey.

They had gone further along the street, they heard three vendors murmuring, “goodness see! The Son is easily riding the Donkey while his old dad walks. He should be embarrassed about himself.”

The Son felt regretful. He got down from the Donkey and requested that his dad sit on the donkey.

As they further go, they met a few ladies selling bags. They asked, “why would you sit on the Donkey while your child walk? The Donkey looks strong. Why not both sit on the Donkey?”. Now both father and the son began riding the Donkey.

Sometime later, a group of people commented, “Take a look at the helpless Donkey ! So much weight on his shoulder”. The Merchant and his Son felt miserable for the Donkey . They tied the Donkey ‘ s legs to a post and carried him.

Soon when they arrived at the market everybody in the town burst into laughs at this site.

Father and his son got very much embarrassed. Indeed, even the donkey got scared, he started to Kick, he attempted to pull away from the rope. In act of this, he moved side to side and unintentionally fell into the waterway which is nearby.

By attempting to satisfy everyone, both Father and Son had satisfied no one and lost their Donkey.


Take away from the Story: Please All And You will Please None.

If you try to please everybody, you will please nobody. And you make a donkey out of you.

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