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There was a stream in a little town with a narrow bridge over it. The bridge was too small that just a one individual can cross at a time. One day, two Bulls needed to get over the bridge to cross on the other side.  As the bridge is narrow, there was no space for them to pass. They paused, yet neither of them went back.

One Bull warned the other Bull, “I am older and stronger than you, so go back once.”

The other refused and said, “I am stronger. You are old and will take a lot of time to cross the bridge.

Before long, their contention transformed into a battle. One Bull hit the other Bull with his horns.

The second Bull was stunned. He knew if they continued fighting, they will fall off bridge and die. So he yelled out to the Bull, “Stop! as we battle, we will fall into the waterway and die. All things considered, I will go back, and you may pass”

The savvy Bull at that point set aback, and the other Bull crossed.

So they crossed one after and were on their way back home.

Lesson Of the Story: People Who Think Wise Won’t Get Into Unnecessary difficulty.

A Wise Man Makes His Own Decisions.

The Art of Being Wise is The Art of Knowing What to Overlook

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