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From the past 3 years, there are mysterious sounds heard in different countries worldwide. The unusual thing about those sounds is, they were heard differently in different countries. In one place it was like blowing a trumpet and in another place, it was like an explosion of a gas cylinder, in another place it was like the tremors. So, the specialty in these sounds is, these sounds were rhythmic and could be heard very loud for hours. Those who have heard these sounds, had nightmares and couldn’t sleep.

Simultaneously in America, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, and even in Rajasthan region of India, these mysterious sounds occurred. In 2012, a person while getting into his car, he heard a trumpet sound, he thought it was some loudspeaker but when he was travelling, the intensity of the sound was same for almost 54 kilometers. That means the sound level was same even in that radius. In 2017, the sounds were heard for about 64 times worldwide. Even NASA could not explain the reason for these sounds. After these sounds occurred, there would no smoke or fire but in few places, the people claimed that they had seen a vapour trail. Vapour trail means a white cloud like line that is formed behind a moving rocket. In few places, in the sky at that moment, they said they had seen a bright green light.

However, nobody knows what it is. So why do these sounds occur? Why haven’t even the people at NASA unable to understand it? What were the reasons for it? Were they caused by the aliens?

Recently, these sounds occurred in Alabama on Nov 2018. They have nicknamed it, Bama Boom. The US Geological Survey, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the NASA could not give any explanation to these sounds. On December 18, 2012, these sounds were also heard in Jodhpur region of Rajasthan. Even at that time, nobody could explain it, but they have tried to explain these sounds with many theories. Let’s see few of them.

  1. Supersonic Planes. The vehicles which travel faster than sound are called Supersonic Planes. That means they must travel 1230Kmph. They say that these fast-moving planes produce these types of sounds. So, if that is the case, how would the sound be recurring for hours the sound should be reduced after the plane goes away right?
  2. Military Experiments. According to the rules, the supersonic planes should not fly in the areas where people live. They must be used only to fly above the oceans. Sometimes the military personnel, develop planes that are faster than supersonic planes or secret weapons like electromagnetic weapons. So some suspect that they might be building them in South Korea and Japan which are producing these sounds.
  3. Tectonic Plate Movements. Some sounds will also occur due to the movement of tectonic plates in the earth but when the Bama Boom sounds occurred, the device that is used to measure earthquakes called seismograph did not show any readings.
  4. Space Quakes. In the space that is above the sky, sometimes due to the electromagnetic vibrations the magnetic field gets disturbed, there might be the possibility of occurrence of loud sounds. Astrophysicists say that this is the reason for the Bama Boom. Due to these radiations, we will get disturbed psychologically and they say that we might get nightmares.
  5. Meteors. On February 7, 2017 a big meteor, fell into Lake Michigan in America and many people saw it. There were also police, among those who saw it. Even the ruins of the satellite which falls at an enormous speed produce these kinds of sounds. But in the recent Bama Boom incidents, there were no records of a meteor fall.
  6. So our last theory is aliens. On July 2, 2014, in the sky of Texas they claimed that they had seen two triangle shaped flying objects and they had produced a type of humming sound reported many people. What the UFO chasers saying is, when the alien space ships landed or take ascend from the earth to space, in order to stay invisible for us, instead of absorbing the sunlight that falls on them, they reflect the light and hide from us by setting up cloaking devices. To do so things like plasma stealth, active camouflage, meta screen kind of technology to be used with high energies. The mechanical sound that occurs at that time, is believed to be the Bama Boom by many people. Few astronauts say that, every planet in our solar system creates a kind of sound. They thought that Bama Boom might be that sound. But to hear a sound created by a planetary movement, we need a radio. We cannot hear it with our normal human ears. In fact, these mysterious sounds have been heard since 17th century and it was written in many books. But in reality, nobody knows the reason for these sounds.

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