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Once a king has given a gift of rich silk cloth in admiration to his Guru (Teacher). Guru was very happy and blessed the King. While going home Guru had seen a beggar next to the road who was shivering due to cold. Guru felt pity and has given the silk cloth to the beggar. The next day King was passing by the road and noticed the presented silk cloth in hands of beggar and felt bad. So, the other day, King has presented a golden plate to Guru. Guru was happy and blessed the king. While leaving the courtyard Guru heard a poor man crying who does not have enough money to get his daughter married. By looking at his condition, Guru has given the golden plate to the poor man.

King had learnt about this as well and called the Guru immediately.

King said “Guru, I have gifted you a silk cloth and golden plate. However, you have not shown respect to them and gave to others. This is equal to showing disrespect to me and I’m very disappointed and angry.”

Guru said “Dear King, please remember two things. First, once you gift or donate anything to anyone then its no longer yours. Secondly, you should forget about it and never recollect.”

“As you questioned me, I can see you still remember your donation and feel that its yours. This is never good for you”. “Also, since you asked me, I given those because those things much needed to them than me”

After listening to the Guru, King realized his mistake and fell on Guru’s feet and apologized.

Guru felt happy that King has realized his mistake and blessed him

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