Short Story – Fox and Rabbits 4.33/5 (3)

One day all the rabbits in the forest are playing together. A fox who saw them, thought it would be so nice if he gets to eat a rabbit a day without hunting. Decided to trick the rabbits. Fox went to rabbits and said “Do you guys know the Lion King is unwell and our old big doctor monkey is treating him. It said that eating rabbit daily would cure the disease.” “So, King has ordered to get one rabbit each day”

Rabbits believed those words. With fear and devotion towards Lion King, daily a rabbit was going along with fox. After going some distance, fox used to kill the rabbit and ate in the name of the king.

Four days later the doctor monkey came to visit the group of rabbits. The rabbits asked about the Kings health. The monkey laughed out loud when he heard the words and said “The king has no illness.
The fox is deceiving you guys and satisfying its hunger”. On hearing this, rabbits decided to teach fox a lesson.

Next day, the fox came to rabbits to take one along with him. One of the rabbits came forward and asked, “before we go, can we all play tug of war game?” “Since you are strong you be on one end and all our rabbits will be on the other”. Not knowing the plan of rabbits, fox agreed to play the game. All the rabbits were on one side and the fox was on other side which has a well near. All began to pull the rope. Watching the fox use full force, all rabbit left the rope at once, which made fox to fall into well and die. All rabbits thanked the monkey and lived happy.

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