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A wonderful construction which Indian history has never seen till now ‘Ellora Kailasanatha Mandiram’ We don’t know who built this, why it was built and how it was built. No one knows when it was built. This construction itself is a mystery. Along with that, there is one mystery which is beyond our imagination. That is, the underground city under this temple which everyone believes. What significance does this temple have that other temples in the world don’t? Why is it significant? Is it true that aliens built this temple? Is there any underground city under this temple belonging to advanced civilization?

Let us know about these things. Ellora caves are located at 50 kms far from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. There are total of 34 caves. Among those, the cave number 16 is Kailasanath Mandir. Giza pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge in England are very mysterious constructions but Kailasanath Mandir has more mysteries than those constructions.

The date of construction is nowhere mentioned in the history or books. Even the names of the people who constructed it were nowhere mentioned in the temple but we can clearly find that the temple was built with the most advanced technology. Infact this temple was not constructed, no one carried stones, cement or any other construction material for this temple. A big stone has been dug and designed as a temple. This is the only Monolithic temple in the entire world. Monolithic means a single stone. That means this temple is a single stone. Except this stone, nothing is added to this temple while construction. You might think this is a small temple but is 100 feet high, 109 feet wide and 164 feet length which is in a rectangular shape.

When archeology department tested this, they found that almost 4 lakh ton weight rock had been dug and sculpted this temple. According to some proofs, archaeology department concludes that this temple was built in 18 years. If we calculate, 4 lakh ton of stone is been dug in 18 years. If we calculate it, 6 tons of stone has been dug per an hour. With the present technology, that is impossible. There is a doubt that this temple might have been built in 7th century but many of them believe that this temple was present since thousands of years. After testing this temple, they found that it was built in a Monolithic method. This is the only temple in the world which was built by this method. They have sculpted this temple from top to bottom. The question is about why they have used this method to construct a temple. In the earlier days where we think that there was no technology, how they have constructed this temple with such a perfection?  To build this temple with such a perfection, a complete blueprint with 100 percent perfection is required. Only the most skilled artists and engineers can only build this. This is a symbol of 100 percent perfection without any small fault or any mistake.

The amazing and wonderful art of sculpture can be seen everywhere. The structure of Kailashnath temple was so strong that, when Aurangajeb occupied Maharastra, he ordered his soldiers to destroy this temple. 1000 people tried for 3 years to destroy it but they have damaged only 5 percent of this temple. Aurangajeb understood that it was impossible to destroy this temple, so he left it. By this you can imagine, If it took this much effort to destroy then how much effort was put to build this temple. Even if a small mistake takes place on any side of the temple while sculpting it, the whole construction would be disturbed. But you can’t find a single mistake in the construction even if you search for it. This temple is perfectly symmetrical with both sides being equal. One stone with 100 feet height with 3 floors as if elephants lifting this temple on their shoulders. After entering in to that temple, if you loudly say OM, The vibrations released from that temple stone makes you feel that you are very close to spirituality.

Now let us discuss why there is a doubt that aliens have constructed it.


  1. Till now this kind of Monolithic method was nowhere constructed.
  2. No proofs were found about when, where and who constructed this temple because The 4 lakh ton stone which was remained after construction was no where found around 100kms surrounding this temple. So what about that stone wastage?
  3. There are many 2 feet size tunnels found in this temple. Those tunnels were built while construction but instead of being straight, they were dug towards the earth. Most of the tunnels been closed by government since last 40 years. Moreover, those tunnels were not formed naturally, they were constructed. So, the question is, to dig those small tunnels, first a person has to enter in to it but it is impossible for a man to get in to it for sculpting. Then, who built those tunnels? Moreover, they were dug very deeply into the ground. After few feet deep, those tunnels lead to left or right turn. The actual use of those tunnels were left mysterious.
  4. In this temple, there are few holes on the surface with the size of a finger span. They are very deep into the earth. Once the car key of a tourist fell into that hole. After that incident, many holes been closed. Moreover, those holes lead to left or right turn after 40 feet depth. No one knows where it leads to.
  5. In that temple, after offering Abhisheka to lord Shiva idol, the way from where the water flows is directed to underground tunnel. Water is sent to underground tunnel directly. Even if gallons of water is poured in to those tunnels, it doesn’t overflow.
  6. We have three temples in that cave. Lord shiva, lord Buddha and the god of Jain. In all the three temples, there is a common and interesting fact. On the sculptures which were sculptured on the temple walls, God and human were common, but they have drawn a line under those idols where, little sized humans in a form of snakes were seen.


According to this, few scientists and archaeologists says that there might be a underground city under this temple where few dwarf like humans might have lived or there might be advanced civilization or dwarf like creatures which were living since centuries without being seen by people. Water which flow from Lord shiva’s idol might be their water supply and those underground tunnels might act as ventilation shafts for them. These tunnels are very small as only 8 years kid can travel through it.

So, do you think this temple was constructed by Aliens?

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