Short Story – Lucky Traveler 5/5 (2)

Very very long ago when all animals were able to speak. Once a traveler was going through a forest and suddenly saw a tiger trapped in cage. Tiger saw the man and begged him to release from the cage and promised no harm to him. After lot of hesitation, he released the tiger from the cage. Soon it was free, the tiger started to attack the man.

With fear man asked tiger “I saved you but in return you are trying to kill me. Is this fair?”

Tiger says “I’m a wild animal and I live on killing. However, I give you a chance, get someone else to tell that this is no fair. Otherwise will kill you”

Then, the man looked around and saw a monkey nearby. Both went to monkey and told what happened.

After hearing all that Monkey said “I have hearing problem. I could not get all what you said. Can you repeat”

Angry tiger roared and shouted all what happened.

Monkey “I think my ears are bad then I expected, if you do not mind can you explain what happened by doing actions?”

As there were no one else around, tiger started enacting all and, in the process, it went inside the cage. As soon as it’s in the cage, monkey jumped at once and closed the cage before the tiger could realize.

No the monkey said “I know you will eat this man even if I say it not fair. I’m no deaf” and jump up the tree.

Man thanked the Monkey several times and left to his place.

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