Short Story – A Cruel Lion 5/5 (1)

One day a Loin in the forest was out for hunting. No matter how much he tries he dint get a single animal. This continued for some days and it’s been so many days that Lion had a good meal. He thought if he continues like this he will soon die of hunger. So, decided that somehow he should get animals close to him to kill them. Then, he made a cruel idea.  

So, the next day he called a Fox and said, “Dear Fox, you see I’m getting old and I feel that I may die soon.”

“I wanted to see all our animals in this forest before I die. Please ask them to visit my den”

Believing in Lion, Fox has conveyed it to all the animals in the forest.

From then everyday one or the other animal visited Lion and Lion used invite inside its den and killed it.

After few days, Fox was passing by the den saw two Rabbits outside the den.

Fox asks, “Why are you here?”

Rabbits – “We are here to meet Lion and we are waiting for the Deer to come out who went yesterday inside”

Fox sensed there is something wrong going and observed the footsteps of animals going inside den but no trace of them coming out. Fox understood the cruel mind of Lion and alerted all the animals in the forest.

Lion never understood why animals stopped visiting and used to wait for them days long.  This time Lion again could not get any prey by himself and could not see any animal to talk to. Soon it became week and after few days Lion died of hunger.

Moral: Never be cruel and deceptive, you will lose yourself if so.

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