Short Story – Drought in Jungle 5/5 (1)

A severe drought has hit the jungle. All the animals died expect the Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Bear and Wild Boar. All these discussed how could they survive. Loin the king of jungle said to all that everyone should go to nearby village to see if could get some food. All agreed and followed the Lion. On the way they met a Bull. Lion asked the Bull “Who are you and what are you doing”

Bull said “I live nearby village with a farmer family. I help him in agriculture. People at our place earn food through agriculture”.

The lion heard it and said, “People do agriculture for food?”

Lion was surprised and asked more about agriculture.

After hearing all about it from Bull. Lion ordered “After all, we are together, let’s do farming”

So, the animals chose a place. The Bear had plough the land. Wild Boar dug the water hole. The elephant watered the land with his trunk. Some of the birds helped to scatter the seeds. Soon after somedays the farm started to grow grass, potatoes, other vegetables. Animals were happy and ate their stomach full. From then they never worried about the drought and helped other animals from other jungles too.

Take away from the story: A wise and collective effort will always give fruitful results.

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