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There are many mysteries about the birth of the universe and its evolution. One of the most mysterious and dangerous is a black hole. Nobody has ever seen it. This black hole has the capability to take away even a big planet. Whatever the thing that once entered a black hole can never be returned. The thing that comes closest to this black hole can be swallowed by it. Let see – what is a black hole? How does it grow? What will happen to an object that enters a black hole?

Hydrogen is the reason for a star to illuminate brightly. These hydrogen atoms convert into helium in the process of nuclear fission and release an enormous amount of energy and radiation. The energy released from the core moves farther from it and its gravitational force pulls the energy towards it. By two equal and opposite forces acting together, a star can be in a stable state. After very long years, the hydrogen present in a star will get reduced. Then gradually the nuclear reactions get degraded and no energy will be released. As a result, the core’s gravitational force pulls the star towards itself and its size is reduced to like a small ball. Due to this density will be increased at the core and a sudden blast will occurs to a star. This is called “SuperNova explosion”. If the blasted star size is small, then it turns into a neutron star with high density. Its density is huge, 1 teaspoon weight of this star = 1 million tonnes weight of the earth. If the star size is big then after its explosion it will become a black hole. These possess high gravitational force than any other thing in the universe. This how the dead star becomes a black hole. However, not all large stars become a black hole, to make it as black hole its size must be 20 times greater than our sun. It means that there is no possibility of our sun to become a black hole. Stars with a size greater than 20 times of our sun will become stellar black holes. These are dangerous and are in lakhs over the entire universe.

The other is a supermassive black hole, it is when a star size is million times bigger than the sun. They usually situated in the middle of the universe. The big black hole in our galaxy is Segatarious-A-Star. It has a diameter of length 4,40,00,000 km, just imagine how big! It is at 25,640 light-years. There is no need to worry about the segatarious black hole, it is farther from our earth.

A Blackhole is surrounded by an event horizon. Any object that enters the event horizon can never be returned. Whatever the object entered this, go around and round then it reaches the center of the black hole. In the middle of this black hole, the Time runs very slowly. Physics laws are applicable everywhere in the universe except inside a black hole. Nobody knows what will happen inside a black hole. Some scientists believe – “A black hole connects 2 universes, if we enter a black hole then we move through the warm hole and can reach the next universe”. Some people believe that there is a possibility of time traveling there. If a human enters into a black hole due to the high gravitational force, our body gets stretched and will be blasted into small pieces.

There is no one who has seen a black hole. We know that we can see an object if it reflects light projected on to it, but a black hole can attract even the light too, so we cannot see it. So how to detect a black hole? Scientists say that, stars near a black hole revolve at a high speed or a star illuminates with more brightness when it is going into a black hole and releases x-rays. By these 2 signs, scientists can identify the existence of black holes. Every object in the universe must die at some point than what about a black hole? Famous scientist Stephen Hawking told that there is an end for the black hole too. Continuous radiation will be released from a black hole which is called hawking radiation. As a result, the black hole loses its mass and energy. If no object enters it then after some years, the black hole size gets reduced and finally evaporated. But it takes nearly billons of billion years for black hole to die.

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