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In a village, there was a young man who was very lazy. His parents were always upset with him as he does not do any work and they used to scold him often. One day, he got angry because of the scolding and left home. He travelled through a forest; he saw a Saint. Saint asked him why he was travelling through this forest. Then the young man said all his story.

After listening it, Saint said “I will show a Demon who can work for you. It will do whatever work you assign. This Demon is only be visible to you and other can’t see it.”

Young man “Oh.. that’s great !!!”.

Saint “But there is one condition. Make sure you always keep him busy with some work. It works nonstop and If you fail to assign him a work, then soon it will kill you.”

Young man took the Demon with him to the village and made him to do all the work. Whichever work he assigned to Demon, it used to do it in no time.

After some time, there is no other work left, the young man could not understand what work to assign to Demon.

Hungry for work, Demon said “Give me work or else will kill you”

Young man got frightened and ran to the Saint.

Young man with fear started shouting “Please help! Please help!” “I think I did a mistake to take this Demon with me and all this happened because of my laziness”. “Please get me out of this trouble”

Then Saint smiled and said “I see you have realized your mistake” “I shall tell an idea to get rid of this Demon”

Saint “Assign him to straighten the dog’s tail” “As it is not possible, the Demon will get in loop and will never come back to you”

The young man did as Saint said and got rid of Demon.

Young man thanked the Saint and promised that he will never be lazy and will work as much as he can. From then he was never lazy and helped his parents a lot.

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