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Sometimes we think, are we alone in this universe? Do aliens really exist? By some scientific calculations and logical thinking, it was known that there may be millions of types of aliens. Since ancient times, many of our ancestors had documented the encounters with the aliens. If we consider them as evidence, a lot of different types of aliens have visited our earth. Gathered from various sources, let’s see some popular types of Aliens. How do they look? Where do they come from? What is their behavior and all?


The aliens which we have seen mostly in movies. The aliens which were encountered a lot by humans. If there is any alien species which is most popular, it would be Greys. Their physical image is very familiar to us. They look thin and height is 3-5 feet tall with larger heads. They don’t have ears. Their body would be like a dolphin and grey in color. They weigh 20-40 kilograms. Instead of speaking directly with humans, they communicate with people through telepathy. It means that they communicate directly from brain to brain. They come from Zeta Reticuli star system which is 220 trillion miles far from earth.

The most important reason for Greys to come to earth is scientific observation. They would show interest mostly in knowing the physical and mental strength-weakness of humans. According to the opinion of the scientists, the planet of Greys was attacked by Reptilians who belong to another planet. They have turned Greys into the slaves. During the time, it was claimed that the Greys escaped from Reptilians and scattered in the universe to save their lives. Now let’s see about those Reptilian aliens.


The most ancient, powerful and dangerous aliens are Reptilians. The special ability they have is they can transform their bodies into any form. They have come from Alpha Draconis star system which is commonly called as Thuban. This star system is 303 light years away from earth. All the mythologies on the earth mentioned about Reptilians. In Chinese mythology, they worship a dragon king which is a Reptilian monster. That dragon king has the power to transfigure its body. In Islamic mythology, Jinn also resembles the shape of a snake. In the Bible, the serpent, ‘Satan’ which appears before Adam and Eve was also a Reptilian. In Greek mythology, the first emperor of Athens was Cecrops I, He was a half human and half serpent. In Indian mythology, a separate ‘serpent realm’ was created.


These aliens are 18-25 feet tall and weigh 2500 pounds. They have a face like a serpent and their body is covered with scales like a fish. They also have wings which are 6-7 feet long. Reptilians are very dangerous. They not only live in our dimension, but also in 4th and 5th dimension. They consume negative energy which is generated by humans due to fear and sadness. By combining alien’s DNA with human DNA, a powerful race of humans was created, and they were kept in the highest position of the society. They were controlling the earth claimed British conspiracy theorist, Davis.


These look like humans. Very beautiful, clever and stronger than humans. When you look at them, you would get a feeling that you are looking at humans. They are the friendliest and helping aliens. They have golden colored hair with pink or blue eyes. If we see them from far, we would think that they are humans. They possess the powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, psychic powers etc. They would communicate with us either through telepathy or they would connect to us when we are sleeping in the form of dreams.

They have come from star cluster, Pleiades. It is 444 light years away from earth. We can see this star cluster with our naked eyes at night without the help of any telescope. Australian, Persian, Mayan, Chinese, Japanese mythologies also mentioned about this star cluster. In Hindu mythology, calls this cluster as Kartika. They would help humans and they would come to earth in order to help in our process of evolution. In 1970, a Nordic named Semjase contacted a person named Eduard, and told him that they have come from planet Yarra. They are actually the original ancestors of the human beings and also told him that the humans came to earth with their DNA about 2,20,000 years ago.

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