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Once upon a time there were two best friends Robert and William. They had known each other all their lives. When it came time to look for a job they decided to travel together as well. The travel took them across the harsh desert. During this, William got thirsty and reached for water. Robert – “William we have limited food and water and we still have a lot of the desert left to cross, we should conserve our supplies.”

“But I want water” – William

Robert – “You can have water but just a little bit we have to save it for the rest of the desert crossing”

“I don’t care, I am sure we will find an oasis ahead somewhere” – William

Robert – “We can’t be sure about it; we must save our food and water”

Before they knew it, the true friends were wrestling each other for the water bottle. In the heat of the moment, Robert slapped William and by that both friends stopped fighting and decided to keep walking on. Before moving on, William bent down and wrote on the sand “my best friend slapped me today”

After a while they came upon an oasis and were very happy. They refilled their bottles and took a bath in the water; however, William became very careless and soon started to drown. Robert grabbed him and pulled him out of the water to safety.

“Thank you, my friend I owe you my life” – William

Robert – “Don’t worry about it let us rest for some time and then we will resume our journey”

The two friends slept for some time when they woke up and were ready to leave, William wrote something on a big stone

Robert – “What are you writing”

“When you slapped me, I wrote in the sand that you slapped me which winds would have blown that away by now. When you saved my life, I wrote it on the stone so that nothing can erase it” – – William

Both friends became overwhelmed and hugged each other.

Take away from this story:

William chose to remember the good things about their friendship and forget the bad ones. This way we won’t stop being friends even after a fight or a quarrel and this is what you should do in friendship and in relationships too.

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