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If someone asks you, how the human race comes to an end on this earth? Probably the answers from most people would be like Tsunami, Earthquake, Global warming, World War 3. According to some studies, the end of human race can be of in 150 ways and they may occur after few decades or even tomorrow. Among them, we shall now discuss top 9 of them. Lets Begin..

Number 1 :

Before human race, Dinosaurs were the dominating species on this earth. Due to an asteroid which had hit our earth at Mexico. Including Dinosaurs, 70 percent species became extinct. It seems for every 2,50,000 years, an asteroid with a half mile diameter would hit our earth. If an asteroid with 5 miles diameter hit our earth, each living being on this earth will become extinct.

Number 2 :

Every year 30,000 species of creatures are going extinct because of human activities. Our Eco-system is balanced by following a food chain. If any species which plays a major role in it becomes extinct, then species above that extinct species in food chain will also become extinct gradually. For example, 85% of food crops are produced by the process of pollination by honeybees. But now that honeybees are going extinct day-by-day. Just imagine! If honeybees which plays a vital role become extinct, we must face food crisis and we must face that effect.

Number 3 :

There are 1 crore Black Holes in our Universe. Due to the high gravitational force of this black holes, they would consume any giant planets. The black hole doesn’t even need to come closer to our earth, it is enough even it pass side by our solar system. That would change the orbit of our earth. If that happens, we would be smashed or else we may freeze like ice.

Number 4 :

Till now many theories confirmed the presence of Aliens. If Aliens approach our planet to utilize our resources and if we try to stop them, they may vanish us with their advanced technology. Even if they come to us on a friendly visit, the outer space germ being on the body of Aliens may affect us lethally and even destroy us.

Number 5 :

During 14 century, one out of four Europeans died due to plague. In 1918 Influenza virus killed 2 crore people. During last decade, four viruses like SARS, HIV, Cholera, Ebola had an outbreak and now Corona. What the problem we have is repeated usage of antibiotics is the cause of the increase in resistance capacity of many germs. Due to the globalization their transmission is also very fast. Naturally formed virus is on one side and some of the terrorist organizations are producing bio-technologically improved lethal virus, called as Bio-weapons.

Number 6 :

Sometimes due to an explosion on the surface of Sun high intensity, solar flares are formed. High heat produced at that time will spread all over the Solar system in the form of a wave. If that wave strikes our earth, we cannot stand the heat. That phenomenon took place recently in 2012, but that wave passed by our earth without striking. So, we are lucky, isn’t it?

Number 7 :

If we calculate the speed of our technology development. Within 30 years Artificial Intelligence would dominate our human intelligence. Then will they obey our words? Just imagine! How it will be, if robots equipped with dangerous weapons roaming around us and trying to kill?

Number 8 :

If any star in our universe explode, it would emit gamma rays with high electromagnetic radiation. The intensity of that radiation is such that if that explosion takes place at 30 light years from our earth, no creature remains on our earth. Because that radiation would destroy the Ozone layer surrounding our earth, with that unbearable heat we would become a fried meat.

Number 9 :

There are more than 1500 Volcanoes in our world. Among them only four are called as Super volcanoes. Super volcanoes are 1000 times powerful than normal Volcanoes. If these super volcanoes erupt, it would kill one lakh people within few seconds. Dust from that volcano spread over thousands of kilometres in the sky and obstruct the sun rays reaching the earth. What happens to the earth without Sun? It would decay! As per study, these super volcanoes will erupt only once for every 6 lakh years. Already 6,40,000 years passed from the previous, so the next eruption of that volcano is suspense.

So, we do not know in which way the human race could end, so in short – enjoy life to the fullest

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