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good selfie

Do you know, more than ten crore people in world would take selfies every day? Many of us do like selfies very much, isn’t it? Now days selfies are taken whenever you feel so. But most of the time when we take a selfie, something goes wrong with the picture and would disappoint us. So, here are some tips for you that you can use to get good selfie. Lets start.


To look good, obviously we need to be tidy. Though its basic, do comb your hair properly to have a good look. Keep your eyes widely and smile, having smiling face is the simple technique to enhance your look.


Even when we are ready with everything, it would go waste by taking selfie in dark. Make sure you have a good amount light. If you are at home, to have a perfect lighting for the selfie, take a selfie by standing 4 steps away from the window.


Most of us won’t bother about background. Always select a good, pleasant and bright background. That’s actually would give lot of boost to the picture.

The click

While clicking the photo, most of us end up shaking the phone on releasing our finger from click button. Due to this we get blurred photos. It is better to release your finger slowly after clicking the photo.

Top angle

We would look good in a selfie taken from top angle than from a low angle. This is due to the visibility of our jaw line in the selfie taken from top angle, so that our face looks sharp and good. To get the top angle right, keep your hand straight to the chest and lift the hand above the head level, then take the selfie. That’s it you should have a perfect selfie.

Now go ahead and have your selfies taken. Before you go, a quick fact for you: “The word Selfie was first used by a Photographer, Jim Krause in 2005. Before this, it was called by the name “My Space Pic”.”

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