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There was a rich man who had four wives. He cherished the fourth wife the most and given her with rich robes and treated good. He took extraordinary consideration of her and gave her the best.

He likewise cherished the third wife. He used to flaunt her to his companions. However, he was extremely doubtful that she may flee with some other men if not taken care well.

His second wife. She is an extremely intelligent. Whenever he had troubles and issues with his business and trade, he goes to her and she would consistently get him out and tide him through troublesome occasions.

His first wife is very loyal person and has made extraordinary commitments in keeping up his riches and business just as dealing with the family. In spite of the fact that she was not treated well by him, she loved him a lot.

At some point, the rich man became sick. In a little while, he realized that he was going to die soon.

So, he asked the fourth wife, “I adored you most, supplied you with the best dress and showered extraordinary consideration over you. Since I’m biting the dust, will you tail me and stay with me?”

“No chance!” answered the fourth wife and she left without another word. The response cut like a sharp blade directly into the man’s heart.

Now, he asked the third spouse, “I have cherished you such a great amount for my entire life. Since I’m passing on, will you tail me and stay with me?” “No!” Replied the third wife.” “I will remarry when you bite the dust!” his heart sank by listening it.

Now he turned to second wife, “I constantly went to you for help and you’ve generally gotten me out. Presently I need your assistance once more. When I die, will you tail me and stay with me?” “I’m sad, but I can’t get you out this time!” answered the second spouse. “At the most, I can just send you to your grave.” This came like an electrical jolt to him.

At that point a voice got out: “I’ll leave with you. I’ll tail you regardless of where you go.” The rich man gazed upward and there was his first wife. She was so thin and weak. Now the rich man realized that who was his loyal companion, “I would have taken much better consideration of you while I could have!” man said.

Take way from the story:

Every man and woman has four wives or husbands. And here is how

The fourth wife is our body. We love our body day and night. We wash our face, put something on and shoes. We offer nourishment to our body. We deal with our body like the fourth spouse in this story. Towards the end, it will be laid to ground.

Third wife is our assets, status and riches. At the point when we die, they all go to other people.

The second wife is our loved ones. Regardless of how close they had been there for us when we’re alive, the farthest they can remain by us is up to the grave.

The first wife is in reality our spirit, frequently ignored in our quest for material, riches and delight.

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