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A youthful couple moved into a new place.

The following morning, while they are having breakfast, the young lady watches her neighbor hang the washed clothing outside.

“They seem to have dirt on them still”, she said, ” I think she doesn’t know how to wash effectively”

“Maybe she needs better clothing cleanser.”

Her husband just looked on and dint say anything.

Each time her neighbor keeps washed garments to dry, the young lady would make similar remarks.

Around one month later, the lady was shocked to see a decent perfect wash on the line and said to husband.

“Look! She has figured out how to wash good now. I wonder who showed her this.”

Then Husband said : “You know … I cleaned our windows this morning!”

Learning from this:

What we see, depends on the purity of thinking or though process in our self in which we look at people and things around us.

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