Short Story – The little monk 5/5 (1)

Short Story - The little monk

A little monk was assigned to build a brick wall. He focused on his work and finally he finished it when the sunset came. When moving back to look at it,  he suddenly caught something in his eyes. Although he had built it carefully but there were two bricks tilting in the center of the wall. Since then, whenever there were visitors visiting the place, the little monk took them anywwhere but that wall. One day, two elderly monks visited. The little monk took them to another direction, but they insisted on going to the area which had the wall.

One of the monks exclaimed:

– Oh, how beautiful the brick wall is!

– Do you say the truth? Don’t you see two ugly bricks in the middle of the wall? – Surprisingly the little Monk exclaimed.

– Yes, ofcourse. but I also see remaining 998 bricks which are combined into a wonderful wall- the old monk calmly replied.

From the story : Take the things positively and set right the needed ones.

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