Short Story – Show me the God 5/5 (1)


On the highest point of the mountain, lived a Saint. When consistently he used to visit the town at the foot of the mountain. On one such visit, A man approached him and asked, How come I can’t have sight of the God? Would you be able to assist me with seeing God?

“Sure”, was the answer of the Saint, however for that you should support me.

“What help do you need?”  asked the man

“You should get five stones of same and equal size and weight. Convey them to the highest point of the mountain, with that I can utilize them to manufacture a stage outside my cottage.”

The seeker concurred. Both began there venture far up on the mountain. Before long the man got worn out and strolling turned into an exceptionally troublesome errand for him.

“Dispose of one of the stones”, the Saint told, “at that point it will be simpler for you.”

The man disposed of one of the stone and strolling got simpler. Indeed the man got worn out. Strolling towards the peak was getting exceptionally extreme. The ace again solicited him to dispose of one from the stone. In like manner each of the five stones were disposed of on the way to the highest point of the mountain.

The Saint at that point said to the man, “Presently I have indicated you the best approach to God.”

The man was puzzled. He stated, “I can’t see God.”

The Saint clarified, “The five stones symbolize the our significant shortcomings to see God. They are Lust, Anger, Greed, Desires and Ego. Figure out how to dispose of these. At the point when all you prevail with regards to discarding every one of these stones which are nevertheless shades among you and God. So once drop all these stones in life, you will have sight of your adored God.”

From then the man began his journey on the Saint’s path

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