Short Story – Old man and his sons 5/5 (1)

Short Story - Old man and his sons

Once, an elderly person was extremely sick and on in his bed. He had four children who were always battling with one another. He constantly stressed over them and needed to show them a thing or two and requested that his children come to him. When they came, the elderly person gave them a heap of sticks and stated, “Would you be able to break these sticks?”

The first son attempted to break the group but unable to. He made a decent attempt lastly surrendered. At that point it was the turn of the subsequent son to attempt. He figured it would be a simple errand. He attempted his best to break the sticks however could not. At that point, the third son attempted to break the heap of sticks, yet he was unable to do anything either.

In the mean time, the younger son sneered at his siblings and thought they were very incompetent. He thought he was smart and took each stick in turn and effortlessly broke every one of them.

The old dad at that point grinned at his children and stated, “Youngsters, do you comprehend what happened? It is in every case simple to break the sticks individually. In any case, when they are packaged together, none of you could break them. Similarly. you four siblings ought to consistently be as one. Nobody will have the option to hurt you at that point.” The four siblings acknowledged what their dad was attempting to show them and overlooked all their animosity and discovered that solidarity is quality.

From that day onwards, they never battled with one another and lived respectively in harmony and amicability.

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