Story of a bad boy 5/5 (1)

A rich man asked a wise man to wean his young son away from bad behavior and habits. The wise man took the young for a walk around. Halting at a place, he asked the kid to pull out a small plant.

The young held the plant between his thumb and pointer and took it out. The wise man asked again showing a little bigger plant to pull out. The boy pulled hard and the plant turned out, roots what not. “Now pull that” said the wise man pointing to a bush. The rich man’s son had to utilize his entire energy to haul it out.

“Now this one out,” said the man showing a guava tree. The boy said its impossible.

“So it is with bad behavior and habits,” said the wise man. “As you see when plants are younger, they are easier to pull out however when they grow and grab hold they can’t be pulled out. Its the same with the bad habits, so don’t let them grow, uproot them soon makes your life beautiful”

The meeting with the wise man changed the kid’s life.

Stance of story: Don’t let bad habits and behavior develop in you, drop them while you have command over it else they will gain power on you.

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